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Post feature RSS GOG Indie Sale Continues; 5 Indie Hits On Sale (And A Mod For Each)

GOG's indie sale continues on, and with indie games being some of the frontrunners of modding support, we've got five picks from the sale and a mod for each!

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GOG's indie sale continues on, bringing some solid independent hits at an insanely affordable price. Indie games are where some of the most innovation in the industry is occurring already, but for a while, they were also one of the frontrunners for modding. So, here's the deal - five indie games, five mods, one for each, with a big asterisk that each of those indie games has many mods besides the ones we're picking to choose from. Let's dig in!

Game: FTL: Faster Than Light: £2.09 GBP/$2.49 USD

Mod: FTL Multiverse

By The Multiverse Team

Orchid Cruiser 5

FTL's varied gameplay fed an addicting roguelike loop that had players coming back again and again. Roguelikes benefit a lot even from the smallest mods, but Multiverse for FTL believes in going hard or going home. Dozens of ships, hundreds of new events, many new weapons, and even alternate endings hide a great mystery behind a challenging, engaging, immersive universe.

Game: Stardew Valley: £7.69 GBP/$9.35 USD

Mod: Walk to the Desert Redux

By Aeywoo

Image 14

Have you ever wondered why the Tunnel is blocked by a boom gate? And how the hell does Pam drive through it when there is no visible access panel nearby? Well wonder no more! Because this mod is basically just to spite the design of one boom gate in a dark Tunnel. But there are a few reasons that everyone else would rather take the bus. The road just happens to be very long, and sometimes there are monsters roaming about. You'll either want to bring a sword with you, or just run, really fast.

Game: Darkest Dungeon: £2.89 GBP/$3.46 USD

Mod: Darkest Night, Brightest Dawn

By Lohengramm512

Scout Ahead Skill

The goal of Darkest Night, Brightest Dawn is primarily to enhance quality of life (general enjoyment of the game) without making it necessarily easier to win, but easier to build effective parties within. A lot of underperforming skills have received minor or major boosts, while some were made slightly worse in some ways to maintain balance. Positional requirements and self-moving skills were often targeted as ways to increase the number of viable party builds. This widens the strategies players can use in this iconically brutal game.

Game: No Man's Sky: £20.04 GBP/$24.32 USD

Mod: No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul


No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul v10 (BETA)

A few of the countless things that you will experience with this mod are a complete visual overhaul, re-enabled and re-created pre-release features, over 1,000 different handcrafted procedural biomes, with rules and algorithms that have been tested one by one with research, inspiration, passion, and creativity to ensure that they all meet a quality standard fitting of the original premise for the game. No Man's Sky has certainly had a good turnaround since release, but modders can always push things further.

Game: Ion Fury: £7.79 GBP/$9.48 USD

Mod: Ion Fury X Turok

By Shtovladya

Raptor Hunt

Turok is a famous shooter of the past, putting you in a hostile naturalistic environment in classic early FPS action. The game is one that hasn't quite been mined for its potential just yet, but if you wanted to dig into it in another form, this mod working towards an Ion Fury total conversion transforming it into Turok has the first two levels of the game ripe for exploration and combat.

There's our picks for five games and mods from the GOG Spring Sale, which continues running until the 20th of April. You've got almost two weeks to peruse some of the best indies out there, as well as try your luck with a few unspoken gems. Have any other ideas for your top picks from the sale items? Let us know in the comments down below!

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