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Before creating a world you can set rules to change the complexity of the gameplay.

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There are no preset levels of difficulty in Square Knight.
However, you can decide what things you want to manage and keep attention to during your adventures.
Remember! All rules affect all life in the game world.


You can switch on/off a number of rules before starting a new game.
IMPORTANT: You can't change these later on, only by starting a new world from scratch.

  • Hunger. You will need food...
  • Fatigue. ... and rest.
  • Carrying capacity - weight. Weight matters when you want to carry stuff around...
  • Carrying capacity - volume. ... and so does the size.
  • Size compatibility. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.
  • Insanity. People can go insane.
  • Skill diminish. Less used skills lose from their effectiveness over time.
  • Friendly fire. It is possible to hit friendly forces in combat.
  • Effects of aging. Capabilities change over time.
  • Temporary item wear and devaluation. With use items become less effective temporarily. This type of wear is repairable without a permanent loss of maximum item stats.
  • Maximum item wear and devaluation. With excessive use items become less effective permanently. This type of wear will always result in a permanent loss of maximum item stats, even if repaired.
  • Enhanced interactions. Include irregular options inNPC / enemy interactions.
  • Superhuman might. Even mere mortals can ascend to half-god levels of power.


In addition to the above there are some unchangeable rules that will apply no matter what.

  • Permanent death. A lost life is lost forever.
  • Ageing. A being can only live until the age limits of its race.


The more rules you switch on the more Fate Points you receive for your deeds in the game. (Fate Points will be covered another time, stay tuned.)

PROTOTYPE GRAPHICS: All game shots are from the prototype version of the game. There will be a complete overhaul coming as the development moves forward.

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