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Nothing is more pleasant than an abstract challenge. Everything seems so simple: here is the cube, the track, and the finish line. But once you try to make a few jumps over, it strikes you as more complicated. An insane number of abysses, other players to distract you, nice colors… And the best part is that you can enjoy this crazy world with friends!

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You’ll control a simple cube in this challenge. Being teleported to a random map, move only forward. Right into the thick of it: abysses, lava, ice, etc. Avoid death in all its forms by walking on safe grounds. Reach the Golden Cup to win!

How to Play JumpFall IO


This adventure is all about the right timing and fast reaction. You’ll need WASD or arrows to move your cube. If there is an obstacle, tap Space to fly over it. But sometimes a regular leap is not enough. Hold Shift and Spacebar simultaneously to get higher and land farther!


The mouse rotates the camera and allows you to turn. By the way, you can switch to a first-person view if you like. How? Use a scroll wheel or swipe left/right with 2 fingers on your touchpad.

The Path to Success


JumpFall IO can be hard on beginners. Catch these tips to perform better and outplay even seasoned opponents!

  1. Not all blocks are the same. They’re colored for purpose. Gray is safe. Lava fries. Icy ones make you slide
  2. It’s a competition. You can’t take all the time you want to get to the finish line. Once someone reaches the cup, the round is over. Let it be you!
  3. Beware of other participants. They can push you into the abyss. Do the same to get rid of rivals.

Join the game and keep winning!

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