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New features: classic mode with normal and upscaled graphics.

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Hi, this article will summarize some of the features the game has and the last recentlty features added. One of the main reasons to release the game this early is to let people test it so that they can provide feedback.

One of the many ways you can be involved in this project is by testing it and searching for bugs, in order to do that properly it helps knowing what works, what is not working and what should work, so I created this list to let people search for bugs and report them:

What is not done yet:

  • Mouse control (requires to implement a pathfinding function)
  • Save and load functions
  • The 3d engine can't draw the maps yet on the current game logic, as a consecuence the 3d graphics could not be properly resized.
  • Not all the classic graphics are added yet, the same applies to the upscaled graphics.

Implemented features:

  • Voice dubs: The game is translated in several languages and dubs are being added on every update. The game expects to find all the voices everytime it loads a level, but not all the dubs are completed. The best way to test the dubs is to start the level with English which is the most advanced dub and then switch to any language. If any voice is missing in the selected language, the game will not crash because the missing voices would be already filled with the English ones.


  • Menus: The game features some extra features that should be available from the main menu: Music player, animated screensavers, mini games, end cutscenes and more. Sometimes switching from some of those menus make the game crash.
  • Level edges: The levels are being tested and should be free of bugs specialy when moving outside the edges, any bug when heading towards and beyond the exit areas should be reported.
  • Different graphics modes: The game features several graphics modes: "Remake", "retro", and "classic". Those graphic modes can be switched through the options menu. They also have different submodes including a "classic upscaled" mode. They should be tested and bugs reported.



  • Input: Game pad controls, vibration, touch controls are the most important input methods that should be tested.


The game launcher: The game launcher has been forked from the launcher of another game which can be found here in indiedb: Unvanquished. The launcher uses aria2 behind the GUI to download the game. I decided to try to distribute the game through torrent due to its size in order to release the git server from the great ammount of traffic it could generate. The launcher is a fork and is being tested, if you experience issues please report them so that I can improve it.


Another important thing I discovered recently is that the game does not behave the same on different operative system. On windows 11 the graphics do not scale the same as on linux and I had to change some atributes to make them fit. If you report any inconsistencies with the graphic size please report your operative system and screen resolution so that I can create profiles for every system in case they do not behave as they should.

That's all for now, thanks in advance for any contribution and I hope you enjoy this game!

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