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Learn about the Indie game project of Dragonspire and what it has to offer.

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Dragonspire is a retro open-world platformer set in the most iconic classic fantasy world known. You as the prince of a lost kingdom must venture forth on a quest to gain the means to save your princess from the clutches of the most fearsome beast known, the great fire breathing dragon. You must discover your own way in the open-world as you acquire new weapons, armor, and unique items that will aid you in the dangerous world of Nionir (Nye-o-neer).

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Dragonspire is an open world adventure that offers a true classic fantasy experience with no hand holding and a large open-world to venture forth in and explore at your own means. Elements of both retro platform as well as modern RPG games have been blended together to create a unique experience. Playing as a classic platformer you will be able to find weapons, armor, and unique items to equip or throw away in order to increase your might and progress to harder content. Dragonspire uses a RNG (Random) loot system for items, chests, and enemies discovered but with a few improvements. Implementing a "Adaptive loot system," items acquired will more consistent and fair than complete chance based systems found in other games.

In order to ensure the "Authentic Quest" experience, certain features have been implemented such as fall damage, drowning, sheathing and unsheathing your weapons for combat, and perma-death where when you die your quest is over. Saving and loading your quest is available if you wish to take a break but if you should perish on your way after continuing, your progress is erased. Dragonspire will offer a fair and fun experience but will not cater to the faint of heart.

“If thou hast gained wisdom and fainteth not, you will face great challenges and overcome them.”

King Eredas III

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The land of Nionir (Nye-o-neer) is a dangerous place that has undergone a great calamity and ever since an unknown amount of time has passed.

Your journey takes place where you, as the prince and heir to the throne, must venture forth in search of the means to save your lost beloved. You’ll be given the freedom to explore the overworld and then choose to delve into one of the many locations you’ll find as a retro style platformer.

Highland Overworld

On your travels you’ll cross towering bridges, explore ruined castles, battle dangerous foes, and find ancient artifacts. Amongst these treasures will be armor and weapons that not only improve your overall strength, but your appearance as well.

Equipped with a weapon and shield you must master your skills by knowing when to unveil your weapons or sheath them to travel unhindered. Changing stances will be necessary to climb ladders, jump far distances, or pick up items.

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After you’ve become a mighty hero who’s gained temperance and acquired powerful items to aid you, dare to challenge one of the five Arch-Dungeons which will feature unique environments and obstacles few have dared to challenge. There you’ll acquire legendary items and face some of the most fearsome foes such as the ancient god king or the cursed twin sisters of Nei’se. Afterwards if you’ve survived you’ll have but one challenge left, the dreaded Dragonspire.

dark cave

Levels are designed to not only cater to the platform adventure but immerse you as the environment is created in a realistic fashion. Castles will have gates, fields will be open plain, and caves will connect one region to another. You'll encounter dark caverns, foggy shores, scorching molten caverns, and icy palaces which all pose unique challenges to overcome.

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My name is Ryan otherwise known as EverValiant and I’m the sole developer of Dragonspire. I’m a long time game designer and graphic artist and have worked on many projects most notably being The Second Tiberium War and Masterwind.

It’s always been my passion to create a game that does not age with time that not only offers a great experience, but grows the player in ways that better them in real life. My dream is a fantasy adventure that does not hold your hand and offers a vast explorable world with many rewards and perils. It'll contain challenges with realistic consequences yet still be a fair experience to all gamers no matter their skill level. Dragonspire I hope will be just that and in order to stand out it in today's community must offer something unorthodox. I enjoy working on this project greatly and will continue it until my dream is made a reality.

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What this project has to offer may appear daunting at first but I assure you it will be a fair and fun experience. Please remember, Dragonspire is focused more on the journey than the destination. I hope you stay connected to the project and support it as I continue to work on it’s development. Thank you for showing interest in Dragonspire and I appreciate all the support you give me. Ever_Valiant

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Oh wow this look so cool. Want to try this out. (:

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