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Protect the human race from deadly diseases in a quick game of Coronar IO online. Spray hordes of viruses with hand sanitizer to eliminate them. Earn experience points and upgrade various traits to improve defenses. Launch the web version without installation and start having fun right away.

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Saving the World

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In this stationary shooter, the goal is to defeat enemies and stay alive. The protagonist stands on top of a building representing the last refuge of humanity. Aim by moving the mouse cursor and fire by left-clicking rapidly. Unleash a powerful carpet-bombing strike by pressing the dedicated button on the right.

Coronar IO Sanitiser

It has to cool down after each use, so time the attacks wisely. Prevent the invaders from overwhelming the country by surviving for 10 minutes.

How to Play Coronar.io Without Dying Instantly

Coronar IO - You Die

Coronar IO - You Win

The army of monsters is powerful and numerous. But there are a few tricks that can help the player persevere. The projectiles are pretty slow. Rather than aiming directly at the attackers, try to shoot in advance. Don’t forget about the automated disinfectant turrets installed on the roof. Level up and increase their damage along with other characteristics before beginning the next round.

Coronar IO - Sanitizer Attack

Coronar.io is free and provides hours of engaging gameplay. Run it in a regular browser without downloading any files. Stop the contamination from spreading and avert the apocalypse.

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