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Xash3D is the powerful independent open-sourced 3D-engine, aimed for high compatibility with GoldSource engine formats (maps, models, textures, sounds, entities etc.), but with the intention to be an advanced platform for modmaking or game development. Technically it has been built from a scratch, using as totally original ideas, as some ideas from other 3D-engines. Xash3D overcomes obsolete GoldSource engine's limits and provides for you a new quality of gaming experience and modmaking capabilities, as extended map, model, texture & sound formats with higher limits, possibility to implement custom renderers with dynamic lighting and other modern features. Xash3D is the easy-to-use base to play existing Half-Life mods & create something new, impossible with GoldSource. Years of development & testing allowed to make from Xash3D a perfect mix of high compatibility with common GoldSource standards & high openness to creative modmaking ideas.

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Just awesome. What you did creating this engine cannot be described with any words.


No comment...just GREAT!

Very good work,Uncle Mike.

I think this is a great mod for the GoldSrc engine. I'll use this in the Half Life Evolution


Simply awesome, I played a few mods on this engine and had no problems whatsoever. Has some graphical improvements over the standard goldsrc (and a lot more with xashXT).
In my HL modding days I always thought that it would be cool to just release your mod as a standalone game as well - it would reach much wider audience. Now this was made possible with Xash3D.
I also found out that the engine was ported to Android - finally Half-Life (and countless mods) on your phone! The only thing missing now is a linux port (though it ran just fine in wine, but still - native would be better)

The engine works great. There are some minor problems (some already fixed) like Gluon Gun being strange and some incompability with mods. Well, but still this is great :D



Useful engine