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Tunnel flying FPS with six degrees of freedom. Added save/load systems, level select screen + some more.

Zerograve demo 2019-12-21
PhaineOfCatz - - 1 comments

19-12-21 testing
Good overall feel.

Love the map. Worked on a project like this before and maps for this type of game are hard, but this one made a lot of sense to me.

Game runs smooth and looks good.

I mapped the controls to my steam controller and they felt really good that way, but on keyboard they were a little weird.

Enemies that I got to were simple, but still posed a progressing challenge. The different attack types matched to shapes well and were easy to figure out what type of enemy was doing what.

Q and E do nothing for me, but CTRL and SPACE seem to be up and down, did the controls change and the tutorial not get updated?

Level 0 lasers use no energy and level 1 lasers use a whole lot. Not to mention that the level 1 lasers are a scatter shot that is really hard to hit an enemy with more than one beam. This makes it feel like a major downgrade instead of an upgrade and I found myself having to rely solely on missiles to progress once I got to the first level of the tech tree.

Speaking of the tech tree, was stuck at level 0 until I had enough tech points for level 2, then suddenly I was level 2 and had -3 tech points.

Missiles seem to have an issue firing if you are too close to walls or enemies. Is it possible that the missiles fire from outside the collision sphere of the player ship?

I loved Descent as a kid and use to play it with my dad all the time, so this game is super nostalgic for me. If you continue to work on this piece I would love to see where you take it!


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Fainzeraier Author
Fainzeraier - - 6 comments

Thanks for the feedback.

Tutorial had some wrong keys, forgot to update it.

The lasers need better balance I guess. Level 1 shotgun type laser can 1-shot some enemies at close range but it's certainly bad at long range.

Will try to fix the issues with tech levels and missiles

Descent was certainly awesome back in the 90s, good memories.

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