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World of Padman 1.6 patch unified zip for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. WoP 1.5.1 and hotfixes are part of this release. No extra download needed. WoP 1.6 patch works with every prior WoP 1.5.x release but requires WoP 1.5 full release. Extract the content into your World of Padman installation directory to update and replace existing files. The package contains all relative paths. Please check changelog.txt. If you have WoP beta hotfix already installed please make sure to remove wop_007.pk3 from your WoP installation files before installing the WoP 1.6 patch. PLEASE ONLY USE WITH WORLD OF PADMAN 1.5!!!

WoP 1.6 patch unified zip (Windows/Linux/MacOSX)

2 problems with WoP:

Which version is installed? There is no "Help/About" or version anywhere I could find.

I can only build 1 Boomie per map, then seem unable to build anywhere anymore.

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Kai-Li Author

Version number you can find in the right side of the console by pressing Shift+Esc. Late but better then never. ;)

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