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Compatible with vanilla 2.7.1 Installation instructions bellow.

Witcher Kings 0.8.0 - Manual Install

the education system seems to be broken, characters become misguided warriors even though the focus is set on diplomacy, nearly noone gets tier 3 or 4 traits and someone even had 2 education traits at once, both tier 4
i hope that this is the right place for bug reports

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romulien Author

Ouch, you're right, the education system hasn't been adapted to take Conclave childhood focus into account, causing the on_adulthood events to override the education trait. Will look into this !

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Is there any DLC that it is uncompatibal with? It crashes on me, even though I have it set on the correct version of 2.7.1

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romulien Author

Not to the point of crashing, no.
There must be some incompatibilities with another active mod maybe ?

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