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just something im working on.. give me your feedback and such..

BunnyJen - - 886 comments

Sounds great so far..maybe something else needs to happen with the drums? I like the piano bit.

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the_simian - - 208 comments

I agree with bunny. The drums are too "set it and forget it". Really change them up!

the sixteenth note "choppy distorted noise" is absolutely awesome! ...that happens right before the piano part. I found myself hoping something more interesting would happen to that repetitive piano line when it came in..maybe something on the offbeats some interval- say a third up? I'd bust out a little counterpoint there. its begging for development.

Dude. banging track! thanks!

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samGwise - - 65 comments

I spent the entire time waiting for it to explode....but then it stopped.... there's so much energy in that thing!
I think the_simians advice sounds pretty solid.
I want to here the finished version.

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