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Game updated! Sorry if the game progresses so slow. I'm still very busy with my studies... But I'll update this anytime should I have a free time. ^_^ Changes: 1.) Added Map Land Smoothener function. (Took me one whole night T_T) 2.) Revised the land movement code for the units 3.) Allied AI updated: Now switch weapons from primary to secondary should there still be an enemy nearby. Also, reloads both of the primary and secondary weapons if no enemy nearby. 4.) Bug fixed: Collision with structures (i.e. tree) 5.) Background Music changed from Yuna Song (from Ragnarok Online game) to again another temporary BGM (but now free to distribute although with some reservations) that I will use: Weapons No More by Patroux 6.) Allies now switch positions if their health becomes 20% (low health unit goes to the back) 7.) MAJOR Bug fixed: Terminates the program at the start if resolution/aspect ratio is not compatible.

Warped Crazy Version 0.26 Pre-alpha Demo Download
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