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Version 1.11.0 of Western Europe 410-962 - The Winter King. Compatible with CK2 version 3.3.2.

Version 1.11.0
Fraziel - - 2 comments

Thank you for updating the mod :)

However, I have something to say.. One of my favorite playthrough is to play as the Rex of the Soissons and try to fend off the Frankish invasion and reclaim the empire's land. It used to be doable before the western vassals of the Soissons was made tributaries.

Now it is impossible to survive, I went as far as using money cheat and recruit the entire mercenaries, still lost to the Franks.

Is this intended? Do you have, at least, feasible strategy to survive as Soissons?

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DC123456789 Author
DC123456789 - - 263 comments

It's entirely possible to win without cheating (unless Clovis declares his invasion very early and has an utterly overwhelming troop advantage, in which case you can just restart), but like trying to beat any other stronger power does require some tactics. Some strategies that I use:
- Take any opportunity you can get to destroy his (future) tributaries' event troops. Declare war early on before the Franks unite and/or catch them when they try raiding your territory and are relatively exposed. It's not something you can directly control but it also helps when they go to war against their neighbours, as the event troops they lose will far outweigh the worth of any gains they make by the time the invasion rolls around.
- Let the Franks whittle down their troops with sieges and assaults before you attack them. You'll end up very negative in the warscore but they can't enforce peace unless they beat you in a major battle or they somehow manage to occupy all of your territory.
- Try to take advantage of any sort of disorganization (i.e. if there are any isolated armies away from the big stack you can easily beat).
- Stack as many combat modifiers as you can. Your commanders are pretty good and at least on par with the Franks, and while your army is smaller it has a significantly better composition than the Frankish armies. The AI isn't very good at recognizing this and isn't too hard to deke them into attacking you in a hills/woods/forest province behind a major river that you'll probably win if you've grouped up your troops with your Alan foederati and some mercenaries.

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Fraziel - - 2 comments

thanks for the quick response. I tried declaring war to one of his future tributary, won it, but soon after they declared war with almost 20k combined troops while i have mere 5-7k at most (without mercenaries).

I'll try your strategy and see if I can beat back those Frankish invaders.

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