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Some sort of epic piece for battle, a little different feel than usual. Enjoy :)

Valhalla Awaits
MrTimm - - 4,994 comments

"Downloading" "uploading it to my xbox360" so now I'm going to play on my xbox360.

O yeah good work I like it :D

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samGwise - - 65 comments

Overall that was really good, Have you uploaded any other work?
I was wondering if there was a particular reason why you used the same motif for the strings all the way through?

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Otreum - - 767 comments

Very nice piece of music.
It's a very simple track that was executed very well :)

I know that there was a fair bit of repetition for a while, but I can see why.
Tales used to be told with repeated strings, even now the technique is still used by all sorts of instruments. You will also notice it in alot of movies.

But anyway, moving on from that.

I loved the track, it wasn't really an "Epic" track, but more of a "dreamy" track.
I could certainly picture this music as being a part of an end sequence, and in a way it does have an epic element if you relate it to the picture that came with this track. Like "the death of a hero" or something along those lines comes to my head when I related the music to Leornidas's death in 300.
As for an actual game, this music piece would fit in any game at the end if the ending was somewhat happy, even if that means your character dying for a mighty cause. Like Leornidas's death in 300 was for Sparta.
It was an epic death.

So yeah, definately a brilliant track, it would also fit into the end of movies in the same fashion.

But all in all, I can see this music being used as a Tale telling track, as if a story was being told at the end of a movie, and then when the music builds up, the tale ends, and the view zooms out slowly away from the focus point of the end sequence or something.

BTW, did you use Reason to make the track, I recognized all of the sounds from Reason.

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