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This is a PDF. This Unreal Engine 3 tutorial was written for the intermediate/advanced user. But now, more n00b proof than ever! It presumes this may be the first time you've ever created a skeletal mesh or a "mutator" (by augmenting pre-existing code). It was designed to be step-by-step, and is fully furnished with diagrams. This tutorial describes how to... 1) set up your weapon mesh in 3ds Max. 2) animate the weapon for Unreal. 3) export with ActorX. 4) import weapon textures. 5) import the weapon mesh (with materials and sockets) and animations. 6) setting up the UE3 compiler. 7) derive a main weapon and attachment class from existing UE3 weapon script. 8) make the weapon available in the Editor's Actor Classes browser. 9) make the weapon available for play. 10) bonus: setting up a level to start without a weapon (if desired).

UE3 Tutorial 04 - Weapon Using Original Mesh
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my complier tell me that 0 Error,0 Warnings and complie a lot
Why I can't find my weapon in Inventory?

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ephemeratics Author
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Sometimes, if you get the 0 error, 0 warning message but the weapon doesn't show, it means the compiler really didn't recompile. To force it to recompile, go to one of your uc files and delete something, then type it back. This will flag the script as "changed", and the compiler will recompile it.

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