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Electronica primarily inspired by the film 300. Not sure why.

Trent Robertson - Amber Skies
samGwise - - 65 comments

good work on that piece,
it's nice and tight.
However my usual criticism of techno music still remains.
I think you need more variation in your drum patterns.
If your using canned drums I recommend not using them and using a drum machine instaed as you have allot more control over it. You just need to now how to use a compressor, EQ and reverb well if your going to use one.

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rofl106 - - 503 comments

Yeah, the opening drum loop is either very good or canned. My main problem right away is that it has too much going on in it. The "This is SPARTA!!!" sample is AWESOME!!! it's just that this track has some obvious issues. What DAW did you use?

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almightytrent Author
almightytrent - - 16 comments

I use FL Studio for all of my music.

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