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I just put a new checkpoint in the second map because when you die , you respawn at the beginning , and you need to restart the custom story. If it doesn't work , try to save when you enter the prison.

Trapped In my Mind 1.01 (Fix Checkpoint)
AmadooO - - 21 comments

ima trys

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KoadNa - - 3 comments

Good story bro.. i like it.. :D

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Rockspirit Author
Rockspirit - - 107 comments

brofist :)

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wampasully - - 12 comments

i cant find the blue light. there is a desk drawer that is lit up blue but there is nothing in it

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mamilette99 - - 1 comments

you take a book and go to to the fire and throw it

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gamelvr93 - - 20 comments

I'm gonna try it. Seems coolio. :)

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