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New: o Compatibility patch for Dual Wield - ability casting will not trigger offhand attacks o Compatibility patch for No Job Authors - works with the Arcane Forge o Custom Powers will now recognize powers will multiple ability tiers - Added entry to the def for "cost to level" each ability tier o Added a template for autocast and AI casting within custom power defs - Includes advanced and tailorable condition checks o Added an entry for Abilities to restrict use by equipped weapons - Can specify weapon defNames, weapon categories (Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Bows, MagicalFoci, Unarmed), or Melee and Ranged o Added the Bows and Magical Foci weapon categories o Added a mod extension that can be added to learnable spells/skills to restrict learning the ability by trait(s) (DefModExtension_LearnAbilityRequiredTraits)

TMagic v2.5.3.3
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