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The only file you need to play. Does not require a previous installation of TLD or TLD Film Edition - just unzip it into your modules folder and go! Please remove your previous installation of TLD Film Edition before installing.

TLD Film Edition v0.2 Beta
Guest - - 692,207 comments

Hope the previous errors are fixed up.

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Guest - - 692,207 comments

The game collapses when I tried to enter the hall in Edoras. I wonder if it has sth to do with the environmental variables of my computer or not.

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KyzenForFur - - 1 comments

Hey man great job on the mod but i gotta say there are some game breaking bugs -
You cant play Rohan everytime you try and enter Edoras or any other Rohan settlement rgl warning about not being able to load the textures tried some fixes nothing.
You cant interact it Rohan units because the game breaks( Trying to recruit them for example).
Other than that great job dude.

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Magico1912 - - 15 comments

Same problem to me =)

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gilgaladking - - 123 comments

Sorry dude but this wasn't worth anything or the time it took with all of it's bugs.

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Keor - - 42 comments

Many bugs

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