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Tip-Up! is a fast-paced ice fishing themed puzzle / strategy game. The goal is to obtain a high score by returning fish to your shanty while avoiding freezing, falling through the ice, and the game warden.

Tip-Up! rev 2

This is a really good classic arcade-style game, really good concept, makes you think and plan your route carefully! I think one thing I would change off the top of my head is increase the limit of how many beer cans you can have, maybe cap it at 5 but start with 3, because I just played a round and got a beer while I had 3 already and it basically makes it pointless! Just a thought, anyways good game and hope to see maybe some other fun arcade style games from you!

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mkvt311 Author

Thanks for the comment! You make a good point about the extra bonus beer cans. The game becomes much harder when you run out of beer cans, so I wanted to randomly reward the player. However, like you said, it can also randomly punish the player who has a full set. I'll be sure to address it in the next version.

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