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This is a game in progress. I would greatly appreciate some feedback, and look foward to hearing suggestions on how I could improve upon the game. Thanks!

abominable37 - - 53 comments

This game is really addicting and really well explained! But you of course wanted some suggestions so here we go:
1) I figured you'd do this eventually anyway, but I would just improve the overall graphics of the game:
a) Don't have the score displayed on the Shanty, have it on the top or bottom, as well as perhaps the top score.
b) The shadow of the rain cloud looks odd to me :P
c) Make the color of the strong ice the same as the cracked ice.
2) Increase the movement speed of the guy by just a little bit!
3) OR increase the time you have to spend outside
4) Make beer cans purchasable at the store (more expensive than boards) instead of them being randomly appear out of the tip ups
5) Now this may be tricky or time wasting to do, but you can take it or leave it. Make the guy move much faster, but as you obtain fish, slow him down by 10-15% (play around with the number a bit) for every fish he has (double for big fish).
That's all I can fit here but I hope it helps, keep it up! :)

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