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Tiberian Origins NO LONGER OVERRIDES OpenRa's built in Red Alert mod, meaning you can play both games using the same installation folder.

Tiberian Origins 0.75
D.jTeo - - 79 comments

If the only change is no Red Alert mod override, you should name it 0.71 like the ingame version.

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kanecvr Author
kanecvr - - 16 comments

I made a few more changes since then, and forgot to update the ingame version:

- Predator, Mammoth MK3, Wheel of Ezekiel and Tesla Tank have unique voices
- All 4 of the above have been re-balanced. They have almost identical DPS, but they all have their unique traits:

* The wheel of Ezekiel (stealth tank) can cloak (duh) and unlike the phase transport, in re-cloaks very quickly. It also keeps it's rocket pack just like the original stealth tank, but for AA only. It does a bit more damage then the predator, but has shorter range and has less hitpoints.

* The Predator Railgun Tank has a long range high damage railgun. It also has a decent hitpoint pool, has great view range, is self healing up to 50% and has good speed for a tracked vehicle. It's only downside is it's rather poor rate of fire and lack of AA capability.

* The Tesla Tank had it's hitpoints increased and it's armor changed from light to heavy. It's also the cheapest of the four and the fastest to build. It's tesla weapon now fires 3 bursts before recharging, making it excellent against multiple opponents and infantry. It's range has also been increased from 6 cells to 7.5 cells. The only downside of the tesla tank is it's speed, poor view range compared to the other four and it's mediocre hitpoint pool.

* The MK3 Mammoth is by far the strongest of the four, but that comes at a price. It's the most expensive at 3500 credits, and takes 4000 game ticks to build. It is also rather slow, and it takes a while for it's dual railguns to reload. Despite that, it is a formidable unit, capable of taking on small armies by itself. The dual railguns can destroy almost any unit in one shot, and what the railguns can't kill on the first shot, the twin rocket packs will most likely finish off. It's 5% stronger then the MK1 mammoth, it has better view range and it turns much faster. It's devastating against armor and infantry - the only downside is the railgun's poor damage against buildings and long reload time - not to mention the price.

The obelisk of light, GDI Advanced Guard Tower, Allied Railgun Turret and the Tesla Coil have been rebalanced. The Obelisk and Railgun Turret deal by far the most damage, but are vulnerable to swarms of cheap light units. The AGT on the other hand can quickly devastate infantry and light units but is vulnerable to armored vehicles and most long range artillery. The Tesla Coil does good damage to armored units and infantry, but it's charge time and lack of splash damage makes it hard to deal with multiple targets. All defenses have about the same hipoints, cost, power requirements and DPS, albeit in different forms.

The GDI A-10 Warthog has had a damage increase. It's primarily designed to work against vehicles and heavy base defenses, so it does poorly against base structures. It's damage was increased from 2500 to 3000 and it's multiplier vs heavy armor was increased from 35 to 60.

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