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THE HISTORY: Bylo is a young and rebellious apprentice magician who one day plays a practical joke on one of the teachers in the magic tower where he studies. He is caught red-handed and punished for cleaning every corner of the tower of a strange moss that has suddenly appeared. During the course of his task (an unusual job for a sorcerer), he will discover where and how that moss has appeared, who is behind it and what his plans are, so he will decide to derail them. You will also run into various characters who will help you advance in your mission (in exchange for favors, of course). Help him in his task and leave every corner of Itsmoor untouched as you derail a mysterious plot, using only your magic ... and your cunning! But remember: your magic power is depleted and you must replenish it. "This is not a sorcerer's job" is a fun adventure of puzzles and platforms that, as usual in me, I have put the maximum of passion and care (especially to the small details), something...

This is not a sorcerer's job v0.38 (Android)
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