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Do you want to play a classic action puzzle game? Then you need to try 'The Gem Hunter', where your mission is to gather gems in the caves. When you have collected enough gems, the door will open and you can continue playing on the next level. In many levels have flying enemies. These are flies and butterflies. They will be chasing you. Do not touch them! If you are dropping a butterfly with a stone, it will turn into gems. Them are useful insects for breaking brick walls. Check it out! In some levels have another resource: the acid. It will be increasing randomly on the nearest green and empty fields. If you can isolate successfully it before reached up a big size, it turns into gems otherwise will become stones. Please try what happens when the insects are touching acid!

The Gem Hunter: a classic rocks and diamonds game
DarkBloodbane - - 76 comments

This reminds me of old games such as Rockford and also Legend of Myra

My complaint is that Lee Kee walks too fast i.e about 2 grids per click of direction key click making it hard to do precise movement which this game requires

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