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The new version containing bug fixes. Unpack into X:\steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia The Dark Descent\custom_stories ; What does this fix? AutoSaves are now working properly, so if you exit without saving or crash, it shouldn't break any scripts. Please note if you are running a clean install you MUST use Save and Exit at least once to generate a save file. Do this early! Removed item 'Calamine' from the stables in the courtyard. Item was originally added in error and served no purpose. Moved one of the drill parts in the workshop to a location where it can be seen easier. Fixed some grammar mistakes. All the metal machines found in many levels are now static and you can't walk through them. Ensured some memory stones are not interactable. Fixed a bug with the 'Coward' ending where you could escape twice. Please note if you are having crashes, this is because your hardware is not coping. Use a clean install without graphical mods. I have a 6 year old computer and no crashes.

The Atonement - Version 1.1
el_legendo_27 - - 4 comments

I'm past the Workshop and am not sure what to do next after finding all the drill bit parts and am trying to find the key to the Guard Quarters. Should I install the 1.1 update? Will it delete my saves if I do?

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