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A silly Vehicle Capture The Flag type game made by Tegleg Records. Single and Multi-Player support. Drive your car around and smash into the car with the blue light, use turbo to go mental! Keep the light to increase your score. You explode and win a TEG point when you reach 200. The objective of the game is to win TEG points. Respawn and find a glowing blue ball located near the centre of the map. The car that gets the ball will become the ‘light holder’ and will gain no points. Music in this game is available from www.tegleg.co.uk Have Fun! Keys Mouse - Look, Fire Arows - Move, Look W, A, S, D - Move Space - Turbo E - Enter Vehicle V - Change Cam R - Look Back Left Shift - Sprint K - Mute/Change music also supports Xbox 360 Pad

Tegleg VCTF Game
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