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Spaceport-X is an attempt to create a detailed simulation of ongoing activities at spacex starbase launch complex located in Boca Chica, Texas. Here, you will be able to perform or watch as automated, the processes involved in launching starship atop super heavy booster using the simulated hardware that can be seen at the actual site. The plan is to eventually land starships on mars and build up a life sustaining biosphere on mars. This game is currently in very early alpha stage. All features are initial. All models and textures are first attempts. I want to build out the entire game first, models, process definition, implementation, programming, programming and then worry about making it beautiful later. This is the 3rd alpha version to be released. With this version you will be able to use the forks, crane, cherry picker and elevator to stack starship atop the super heavy booster. Launch stack is unfinished, but will get off the pad. EARLY ALPHA. LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY.

Spaceport X
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