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First gameplay movie from the space combat prototype of Infinity. As with all our media, this is a work in progress and of course subject to change closer to release. This is not what it will look like in the final version of the game!

Space combat prototype video
kooper - - 192 comments

wow, awesome. will the turrets be moveable? if so, will they be controlled by ai or players

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DJ-Ready - - 456 comments

Uh, not pretty yet but thats now what matters now anyway
Good prototype I guess but the giant ships shots should not simply clip through its own hull.
Also I probably wouldnt go with box hulls for collision.
And obviously, some more weapon variations would be neat but im almost certain you have that in mind already ^^
however, gj.

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze - - 872 comments

Bugs ( you'll see them in the video ):
- sometimes lasers pass through surfaces. Easy to fix.
- the "spawn" position of a laser is the center of the turret, not the guns of the turret. Have to add the notion of gun on a turret

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Ackron - - 17 comments

i feel sure those lasers werent lasers and were in fact meant to be bullets, you can tell by the way that they arent anything like lasers, see how they ricochet when they hit surfaces, lasers wouldnt do that, also lasers tend to be light and as such travel at the speed of light, the projectiles in this are clearly not moving at the speed of light or even anything near it. im not sure what they are meant to be exactly, like i said they could be physical projectiles or something else, but they sure as hell arent lasers.

that aside the Demo looks pretty good and i cant wait to see more.

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Betelgeuze Author
Betelgeuze - - 872 comments

They are lasers, they bounce off on reflective surfaces. Bullets dont bounce that way.

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