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Sovereign is a free hunting/survival game. Use your bow and arrow to hunt animals, collect food and other elements used to create new arrows and jars for containing enhancements for your arrows.

Sovereign 1.2 Windows 32-bit

Yeah, Good Update. I think tah the game could be better if:
-Exist more Weapons or improvements to the Weapons like: Javelins, Speed Bow, Strong Bow... etc...
-New Monsters (like Monkeys, Birds...) and dangerous monster yea (like the Poison eyes, or Elephants...).
-The hability to Run, set Traps, create new objects (like more Food, etc etc), Farm, get insects (o parts from monsters) to make Food, hide...
-A map and Save funcion.
-New combinations like Bombs and variants (Smoke bombs, trap bombs, sleep bombs...) or Jabelins, or Slingshots...
-A better Hud, a Tutorial mode, and a better inventory (Its good, but it could be better, like a RPG inventory)

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ATryder Author

Thanks for the input. I already had some of that in mind and will put some thought into some of your other suggestions.

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