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So this is my first custom story for Amnesia that I've been working on. Please leave some criticism on what I could improve. Thank you! And remember, notes are worth reading sometimes! What's new: Finished 4th map , Added credits , Improved decals , Improved lighting , Fixed death on 3rd map , Various sound & music fixes

Amnesia custom story: Samantha 1.2 [NEWEST]
drumdemon137 - - 2 comments

Awesome man, you did a pretty good job. The music went well with a everything and gave it that creepy effect. The maps and puzzles all fitted together very well. I give it a 9/10

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AmNotEyy - - 20 comments

Downloaded the mod going to test it out and review it! :) Get back soon.

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miwii123 Author
miwii123 - - 8 comments

Thanks! I just found a big bug in the third map. I will fix it and release another version this night (with another map too). Just wanted to let you know. :)

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Amnelias - - 128 comments

8/10 :D

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Amnesiascaresme - - 12 comments

I liked what I could play, especially the music. Game crashed after third grunt encounter. I would suggest working on the monster encounters. Seem random and too frequent. Other than that, it's pretty good. Gonna look/wait for patch to finish it

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