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COMPLETELY REWORKED TEUTONIC , POLISH AND LITHUANIAN TROOP TREE +TRANSLATED FACTION NAMES + some tweaks like more visible factions colours on map or option to keep leaving companions ATTENTION: WHEN YOU CHOOSING YOUR BANNER PLEASE CLICK ON FIRST BANNER ON PAGE OF AVAILABLE BANNERS ! THIS WORKS LIKE ''NEXT'' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All credits to authors : Chekan Bek Vojd Fritz.m Janycz Свидригайло Луцький Половець Van Trix58

Unofficial patch for ''Rus 13 century'' mod

Should I start a new game?

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you should always start a new game

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SoldierOFortune_PL Author

You dont have to start new game just to see troop changes , but Ive changed Lords equipment too , and Faction colours and these things require new game
Any problems let me know please
1) this is amazing mod with LOTS of features and needs WSE to launch
2) sometimes game can crash after prolog battle at the beginning , can freeze after you will die , so you must choose your character again , not a big problem , just start twice . Sorry but i cant fix that , this was known bug . But once you start the game you will NOT get that problem ANYMORE
3) there is two different units Teutonic Sriantbruder , one from faction and one wanderer Swedish/Danish . Authors made Teutonic as mounted and wandering one as infantry , Ive made them both mounted /cavalry . If this will cause any problem please let me know asap and I will change that ( save compatible !).
4) I cant switch off ''WEAPON BREAKING '' option , maybe this ia a bug maybe im not that smart ...
5) Battles are rather demanding and needs stronger computers . My own is lagging horrible !This is mod from 2014 but has so many features if only few newer mods can be compared ...

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SoldierOFortune_PL Author

Riders take damage when they fall from a killed/wounded horse
Morale penalty for units with different cultures in party. Morale bonus for mononational party
Fodder for horses (influences horse speed based on type - common, arabian, steppe). Party speed drastically decreases when there’s no fodder
Icons for parties on global map depend on party's size
Player can control his character while minimap is open. Terrain showing on minimap. OPTIONAL FEATURES
Combat continues after Player has been knocked unconscious. Player can observe battlefield in free-fly mode. OPTIONAL FEATURES
Ability to open Character/Party/Inventory menus in all "combat" menus (by using hotkeys)
Player can recruit troops only in fiefs of faction he belongs to. Player-mercenary can hire anywhere he’d like. Mercs can be hired freely. Positive relations with fiefs and their owners are required. Elite troops can only be hired in Player’s own castle.
Chel’s morale mod (reworked and improved). Global morale influences battle morale
Armours/weapons degrade if player loses a battle
New type of NPC: smith, who can repair and upgrade weapons/armour
Player can split his party into smaller groups with NPCs as commanders (only if player leads more than 20 men)
There’re much more various citizens in towns
New icons on minimap for traders/mayors/owners in towns
Character creating wizard reworked due to background story
Brief historical info about troops through dialog with them. Info about items in inventory. OPTIONAL FEATURES
Prisoners can be sold in mines or to the slave trader in Cherson or to ally and enemy lords by flexible rates (while being at towns). Also Player can give prisoners to lords for free in exchange of increased personal relationship. Prisoners’ cost depends on their level and the main party trading skill
Trade routs. Special caravans travelling on historical trade routs
Maximum amount of prisoners increased. The more prisoners are in the party the more of them would escape at night
Decreased structure building time in fiefs
Player can initiate dialog with city/village administration through center menu
Party salary displays week cost for all Player’s troops including garrisoned ones or under NPCs’ control
Lords intercept hostile parties travelling near their fiefs if they’re stronger (hostile party must be spotted first - chances depends on party size)
AI party strength and upgrade speed depends on player's level
Professional and Elite units can be upgraded only in their faction's cities. Player can’t upgrade them in the field
Helmets obscure field of view in first person view. OPTIONAL FEATURE
Food stores in castles decreased, recovery time increased.
Wounded units move slower in battle
Player can give some orders to his party right before fight such as hold ground, charge, follow leader, line up in different forms
Alcoholic drinks are all consumable and give morale bonus if any other kind of food is present in inventory or morale penalty otherwise
Bandits can ambush Player (chances depends on honour rating)
Bandits help each other when engaging Player party
Player can lay to rest fallen warriors (increasing honour, decreasing morale)
New type of NPC – teachers. They give a short help info about mod features.
Bows can’t be freely used in inappropriate handwear
It’s possible to speed up or slow down time in missions (by + and -)
New animation for 2h weapons
Added restrictions for joining rescued prisoners
New item type – maps which increasing pathfinding skill while in inventory
It’s possible to upgrade troops of all factions in neutral city Cherson
Players can release imprisoned lords without ransom (increasing relations)
New looting system. Now it takes time to carry trophies from the battlefield. Amount and quality of it depends on Player’s skills and number of dead bodies
Ministering wounded gives experience
Cattle follows the Player
Chances to escape after losing the fight for lords are lowered
Amount of troops available for hiring depends on city’s prosperity
Hiring through menu, not through dialog
It’s possible to turn off fast travel (for better roleplay)
New target reticule
Performance in scenes with lot of trees improved
Horse descriptions includes types
Players can choose on what side they’d wish to fight in battles between neutral parties
It’s possible to sort inventory of player and traders by type or cost
During combat, you can pick up weapons and ride stolen horse. After the battle, they become yours. If you are left without your weapon / horse - you lose them.
Player’s nationality (culture) affects relations with factions

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SoldierOFortune_PL Author

I just made some more changes . New files uploaded . Save compatible of course :)

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SoldierOFortune_PL Author

no idea why but probably this is old WSE problem

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This is for Rus 13 Century Way to Warrior?

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SoldierOFortune_PL Author

yes , not sure which versionis it , read description please , mod has someproblems but you can easy avoid them

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