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Independent Game Festival 2008 Showcase winner: Rückblende (Flashback) is an interactive story about a man returning to a summerhouse, where he spend his holidays as a child. The player triggers flashbacks through finding objects and as more memories get uncovered, a secret seems to be unravellings. The surrounding and the inside of the house were built as a model, while the appearing characters from the memories were drawn with a pencil and animated with white lines on top of the photographed model– background.

Rueckblende (Flashback)
Karuto - - 1,135 comments

Wow, looks amazing! Please keep up the great work. ;)

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Piuneer - - 1,170 comments

It's really good, but unbelievably short! I'm looking forward to more :D

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-pRiNz- - - 16 comments


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BHenderson - - 51 comments

It keeps crashing on me. Is there anything I need to install to make it work? This mod looks like it uses flash or something...

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gute_Fabrik Author
gute_Fabrik - - 1 comments

You need quicktime to run it

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Godwin - - 291 comments

I'm crashing too, at the first scene whenever I roll over the arrows. I'm going to try downloading from the original link.

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AnarchyDom - - 133 comments

Same with me. As soon as i click one of the arrows it crashes.

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Petraeus - - 2 comments

downloaded a while back and finally got around to playing. Very cool mate! :) Very inspiring :)
Can you tell us about your thoughts and methods behind the creation of this please? or do you have any links?
What projects are you working on now?
great stuff :)

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MattTW - - 26 comments


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