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This mod is three-part and aimed at adjusting the three biggest character-defining gameplay elements - education, education outcome, and focuses - to have a more strategic element, an element of randomness, and for each education, path to offer to a unique playstyle depending on that partially random outcome. Features: - Adjustments and rebalancing to ALL education traits, allowing each education to offer a unique playstyle rather than just flat stat bonuses. - Education has been restricted so that two children cannot be simultaneously educated with the same childhood focus adding an element of randomness and strategy - explained in the full description! - Focuses have been restricted to personality types. Why would a shy character pick carousing? Why would a craven pick war as their focus? How would an inbred imbecile do anything at all in the scholarship focus? You'll find yourself making decisions you usually wouldn't and picking focuses that would normally be left to the dust.

Roll's Personality Driven Education and Focus Revamp Roleplaying Mod (PDEAFRRM)
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