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This is the latest release of the mod. This should be almost exactly the same as the previous mod. I am still counting it as a new version and demo, since this is still in alpha stage of development currently. This should hopefully fix any errors with the textures/meshes not loading properly (the ini file should now enable the game to upload them properly). Notes: After my development computer crashed and the system had to be restored a few times, a lot of progress was lot. Plans: Next update will likely either be a first full release, or a beta- form version of the mod; release date TBD. Install Instructions: 1. Download the file from moddb 2. Extract the contents from the .zip folder you downloaded 3. Open up your modules folder for Mount & Blade Warband in your file explorer (or whatever it may be called on your system) and drag the extracted folder into the modules folder. 4. Close file explorer (recommended) 5. Run the game and enjoy the mod

Rise of the Nightland Knights Mod V  Alpha 5
MaxPric - - 10 comments

Hello, this version has an script error, when i try to open the game it's at the "procesing Ini file then shows the RGL error "Unable to open file: CommonRes/armors_mod.brf."

Please fix it, the mod seems really interesting, but i can't play it because of that script error, Have a Nice Day.

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Doubtbark Author
Doubtbark - - 23 comments

I'll try to look into it. It is likely something internal with the game reader itself, however. Worse comes to worse I'll have to add the modded armors to one of the other pre-existing armor files. It doesn't happen on my end. So far I've only seen two complaints. I will try to look into it though.

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Guest - - 695,270 comments

Having the same issue with the script error.

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Doubtbark Author
Doubtbark - - 23 comments

Axelloid helped me figure it out. It was something with the ini file going to the main resource folder and searching for the mod file instead of the mod folder. There will be a patch released before the end of this weekend most likely in EST timezone time.

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Doubtbark Author
Doubtbark - - 23 comments

Use the Alpha 5 Patch release that should have been just uploaded to moddb. It is the full version of the mod with the small tweek that should hopefully fix this.

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