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In the world of Rionon, a priceless relic has been stolen by a mysterious cult. But everywhere you turn, things just don't add up... This cult is supposed to be evil, but seem to be the only people making sense. The entire nation is begging you to rescue this piece of rock. Meanwhile, an old woman comes to you, crying; her husband has gone missing, and she needs your help to locate him. What's it going to be? Help a nation recover their long lost treasure, or assist this poor old lady in locating her husband? Will you seek justice for a slave, not by slashing his master to pieces, but by exposing his crimes for all the world to see? Are you willing to become the most unpopular man in the country to do what's right? When the whole world calls you to defend your way of life will you be the only person brave enough to say no? Follow the clues and discover the real crimes. Earn bonuses for knowing when to fight, and when to live another day. Explore your Bible to unlock the secrets of Step

Rionon 1: The Search for the Stone Statue 16 bit
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