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Reapers End 2 is the second instalment in a ten part series of free mini games from Incognito Game Studios. This time around in Reapers End you are in a larger area and you do not have any guns. You have only a sword and you must kill all the zombies and then the Reaper to win. To make things a bit more fair we have added a health unit that you can use to heal your self slowly but dont take to long or you will be over run.

Reapers End 2
unalsnake - - 21 comments

it isn't worked on windows 7 :/ I clicked launch a few times but not working...

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EyesodicGames Author
EyesodicGames - - 76 comments

Hmm that odd it should work. What specs you running?

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John_Harrison - - 112 comments

I´m glad reapers end is back.

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EyesodicGames Author
EyesodicGames - - 76 comments

Thank you John. We havnt had much time to work on it with the main project taking up most of our time and effort but we are still making the series and adding new features and working on improving it with each new one. Its comments like yours that make us want to keep making the games. :)

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SynChropogi - - 4 comments

it not working on windows 7!! well ar least reapers is back!! WHOOOOO ******* ZOmbies Ill kill you with my ************* katana!!!

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