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This is the demo version of Pyrobolum's Doom. Please notify me of any bugs. Thanks. The maps contained are: MAP01 MAP02 MAP03 MAP04 MAP05

Pyrobolum's Doom ***BETA DEMO VERSION THINGY***
BL1TZKRI3G_Official Author


The following mod DOES NOT work with this WAD:


What happens?
The mod does not work. It DOES NOT crash the program you use, the mod's soundtrack replacement doesn't play. Rather it uses the default soundtrack.

The following mod has compatibility errors for this WAD:

Brutal Doom

What happens?
It DOES NOT crash the program you use.
Certain sprites do not appear. The idle state of the following weapons:
Super Shotgun
BFG 9000
Plasma Gun
Do not show their Modern Class sprites when playing modern class. However, when firing, reloading, or using alt-fire, they switch to their new sprites. However, you can still bathe in the blood and gore of your fallen enemies, still brutally punch demons to death and rip them apart, and most importantly: You can still flip things off.

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