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This mod, Psillyships, replaces the starting 8 Type A ships with 8 new ships. This mod requires Slipstream Mod Manager version 1.9.1 or later, Hyperspace version 1.0.3 or later, Insurrection+, AWM+ for Insurrection+, and NWM+ for Insurrection+ in order to run. Make sure you have reverted your FTL game to version 1.6.9, which is required to make Hyperspace 1.0.3 function correctly. After downloading Psillyships.zip, rename it to a .ftl file extension and patch into FTL in Slipstream Mod Manager in the following order: >Hyperspace.ftl >Alpha - FTL Insurrection+ (Needs Hyperspace).ftl >Module - AWM+ for Insurrection+ (Needs Hyperspace).ftl >Module - NWM+ for Insurrection+ (Needs Hyperspace).ftl >Psillyships.ftl >[Any additional optional graphical/music mods you want] Since this mod overwrites the 8 starting ships in vanilla FTL, if you want to go back to playing with those ships, you will have to deselect this mod in Slipstream Mod Manager and re-patch (no biggie).

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