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First prototype of Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall It was released in the start of july, and it is meant to test gameplay. If you download it, please, give us feedback somewhere, there are a form on our site (www.agfgames.com), a thread on TIG, or you can comment here. Yes, I know it is missing music... When I made this release, the music library did not existed (now it exists, I implemented DUMB for those curious to know technical details). The next prototype will feature music :) (kindly donated! \o/ But hey, if you want to donate music, feel free to contact me! I need music in module file formats, like .mod, .xm, .it...) Note: You can use the binary with your own version of novashell to have some new features, but I don't recommend it, since there are no documentation :P

Prototype 1
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