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PreAlpha 0.2.0 8 weirdos to date, 1 hour to do it. Project Date 8 is an adventure dating game, where you have the chance to speed date your way into the hearts of 8 wild hearts looking for love. Only catch is, you only have 1 hour to do it. Project Date 8 features numerous puzzles, branching dialog, minigames, bad jokes, and most importantly: 8 characters with harrowing, dramatic, tragic tales with twists and turns that you shall never foresee! WE WOULD KNOW. WE CHECKED. The game is currently in early development, so the cool stuff is still on the horizon. But, hey, you're here now. And that's pretty neat. Try to break our game. Go on. Try. it's actually not that hard. Controls Walk - WASD Run - Shift Interact - Left Click Escape - Pause Menu Debug options: When countdown is active- Hold "J" to skip to the end of the hour. For more information Check out our YouTube Channel! Youtube.com Or follow us on Twitter! @rustic_media Twitter.com

ProjectDate8 prealpha 0.2.0
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