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This is a work in progress alpha build of Pioneer. Explore the galaxy, trade, fight or murder.

Pioneer alpha 7
thedaemon - - 12 comments

Looks promising. I'll keep my eye on it. Testing now.

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RisingDivinity - - 109 comments

Trade, fight or murder?
So it's Being Moral, Debatable or Immoral? :P
Still, looks interesting in a retro way =)

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s20dan Author
s20dan - - 8 comments

Those are the options currently in the game as well as exploration, there will be many more but this is only an alpha version.
An in-depth mining system is on the cards, but theres still a lot of time until that will be here.
And your correct it is a retro game, its a modern remake of Frontier Elite 2. All built from scratch.

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staberas - - 36 comments

You know what this game needs? a Mini-game where you go in orbit scan for resources and send probes to the surface to extract them.. /jk
Looks good for now i believe it needs a minor ui fix & a mini tutorial on what all that stuff do on the panel. :)

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