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Includes these holiday series mods: A Visit to Katherine Hunter

PHS Full Release - St. Patrick's Day 2012
Amnelias - - 128 comments

How to play this one? I can't see it in the custom stories.

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sniped118 - - 15 comments

It is a full conversion mod, you don't play it in the custom story menu. To play you have to extract the zip folder into your main amnesia folder: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\amnesia the dark descent (for steam users) and for the retail it should be in the redist folder I think, after doing so there should be a bat. file in your main amnesia folder named hunter or something run and the game should start.

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

Hope I helped.

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Amnelias - - 128 comments

There is PHS Launcher 1.0 DOS file and if i open it it says: "Launcher 1.0
Choose a Holiday:
1. Valentine's Day 2012
2. St. Patrik's Day 2012
Enter choice: (I put there 1 and press enter? Should it start?)

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