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The ultimate meme virtual novel is here! Part of it, anyway...

ODMC Prototype Build 1.1 (read comments for fix)
DmBd_Games Author
DmBd_Games - - 4 comments

Apparently this isn't fixed! Here's how you do it...

1) Search "File Explorer Options." Go to the View tab, look for "Hide extensions for known file types". Uncheck the box, and click OK.

2) Open the ODMC folder, go to game, look for firstrun, delete it.

3) Go to the 'characters' folder, create a .txt file there.

4) Rename it "tsayories.chr". Make sure it changes the file type (you'll get a prompt to confirm it).

5)Boot the game. Click on the option that deletes your data. It should work now.

Just so you know, this problem has been fixed in the final version.

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