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In this mod are six nations rivaling for the victory. Three weaker and three stronger. The three weaker nations are: Swadian, Vaegir and Sarranida. This nations have the usual outfit and units (original play). The three stronger nations are: Nord, Teutonic and Khersos. They are rigged-up with newer, stronger and specialer weapons and armors. Independent of the nations, you can recruit special units, wich have individual weapons and armors. Addition: Just a part of the modells in the play is own work.

dxjuan - - 3 comments

This mod is great!!!!!

But i think that needs:

- Diplomacy

- Troop Trees

- Exchange fiefs for other fiefs of nobles (on your same faction)

- Pay a lady to raise the moral of your army

- Freelancer (Please!!!)

Good work!!! Keep it up!

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robotic-tune - - 24 comments

Pretty sure you can just add those mods yourself, right? But I 100% agree it needs those mods.

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