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(For PC/WINDOWS - RPG GAME) ABOUT THE GAME: In the year 20XX the rapture has come. A man named Erik and his wife, Janette, are chosen by God to become Demon Hunters. With their new ability, any weapon their hands touch becomes deadly to the spiritual scourge in NIMCOR3 city. People have died under mysterious circumstances. Some have turned into demonic entities. Yet there is still an opportunity for others to receive salvation and safety. Who runs NIMCOR3? What past mistakes have come back to haunt Erik? Will he save Janette in time? Walk through the city of NIMCOR3 as the Demon Hunter himself to find out!!! FEATURES: Original story by Erik Pineda & Engadi Pineda. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hidden side quests. Classic Final Fantasy style combat. Christian Adventure/Horror Themed 3-5 hour gameplay. 1 PLAYER ((UNZIP FILE to play)) RATED TEEN FOR TEENS+ DRAMA / HORROR / RPG / SHOOTER WindowsR 7/8/8.1/1

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