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This fixes the loot menu bug among other things. Contains the previous hotfix. It's for v1.1. Doesn't require a new game.

Native - Enhanced Edition v1.1 - Hotfix #2
gundelj - - 50 comments

Playing this mod for a while I got the quest where you need to go to another vasal and collect a debt he is owning to vasal Dvornianin Ivan in this case.
So i've collected 3000 denars and i was traveling to Reyvadin in order to meet with above mentioned person, but when I arrived he wasn't there. So I thought he left Reyvadin in meanwhile, so I asked for his location and guess what, he is in Reyvadin. Again I enter Reyvadin castle only to find out that he is some sort of ghost apparently. Everyone says he's at Reyvadin, but he simply is not there. Weirdest thing there's no error poping up so I don't know is this a bug or what?

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obamaladen Author
obamaladen - - 215 comments

Wait 7 days. If he doesn't appear anywhere it's a bug.

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gundelj - - 50 comments

It's not a bug, he appeared in Sungetche castle at feast.
Thanks for your concern.

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moonunitiiv - - 48 comments


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