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After receiving a mysterious phone call, psychic medium Zack Gellar travels to a large estate house in northern Peak Valley, where he is greeted by a desperate woman's pleas for help. Seeing that the woman is on the brink, he agrees to help her, vowing to communicate with the spirit that haunts her, and in turn help it to find eternal peace.

Mysteries of Peak Valley 1: The Lost Sonata (Updated winsetup)
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Hi there

I really enjoyed the little adventure with the psychic trendsetter. Nice little touches with the tears in the eyes and sound effects. Did not quite catch the meaning of holding up a cross when you look at the picture of the baby, neither what the meaning was of the castle picture. A light moment and a good laugh when you break the bothersome woman's home decoration, and then claim it was the ghost!

Thank you very much sir!

Om Manipadme Hum

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