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* 7 new trade routes across Europe, * 1 new trade route in Asia Minor, * unique bonuses for every trade route, * 129 new trade posts locations, * 5 new common trade post buildings, * 17 specific resources based on: climate, terrain type and geographical region which are: timber, amber, furs, slaves, silk, glass, silver, salt, wine, wool, fish, fruits, horses, iron, gold, emeralds and wheat, * 17 resource-specific buildings which are: Lumber Mill, Amber Mine, Fur Trader, Slaves Market, Textile Mill, Glass Craftsmen, Silver Mine, Salt Mine, Vineyards, Sheep Pastures, Fishing Port, Orchards, Stud Farms, Iron Mine, Gold Mine, Emerald Mine and Wheat Fields, * unique minor bonuses for each resource-specific building (check log for details on that), * less irritating thin trade arrows also showing trade flow direction, * adjusted vanilla oversized trade posts.

MTR 4 Vanilla
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