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This is only the Windows OS version, if you would like a MAC version please send me a message and I will create a build. Well this is the first release for Mr. Plat-Former of an incomplete level (Which will not be the first level you do so don't worry). This prototype was done in three weeks, 2 days a week with 3 hours on each day. (Which consisted of creating the design and scope e.c.t) I would love both positive and negative criticism (By negative I mean beneficial criticism, not 'O dis g@me sukz b@llz') Any how, enjoy the level that has no proper end too it. YOU CAN play full screen without having to ALT-F4 to quit. :) Oh and the preview image is an old image... There's actually a more improved look to it! Enjoy. -Waddlesticks

Mr. Plat-Former ALPHA v0.1
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