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For CK2 version 3.2.1 Checksum: LMNP (Be sure to update the adaptive music submod as well!) Changelog: New start date! Lightbound: Set 35 years after the end of the Ironmarch, Draenor has enjoyed decades of peace. But the draenei have made contact with their lost brethren in the Army of the Light and they have begun to crusade across Draenor, unifying all in the holy light, and infusing their bodies with the light itself in a process called 'lightforging.' This new group, known as the Lightbound, consists of lightforged draenei, orcs, ogres, and possibly more races as well. Together they convert others by force, or if they refuse, kill them instead.

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simyruler - - 57 comments

i played it , needs more work on the map , big provinces , fast downfall of my civilisation that i played

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baroian1238 - - 37 comments

are the dwarfs included?

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